I got my hands on some awesomeness from Floridity on Cyber Monday and have been playing with one of the pendants for a couple weeks.  I had it mostly done last week, and finally finished it Sunday!

Lately I can't seem to stop wire wrapping everything.  I am coveting a larger array of wire colors and a couple spools of chain, but am trying to use what I have, especially since I want to save my pennies to do more lampworking.  I played with a lot of things, and settled on using a dark teal stone and two faceted glass beads on one side.  I had two large chocolate Swarovski pearls I wanted to use, but they seemed too glossy for what I was aiming at.  I tried all kinds of combos, and finally pulled out the odd brown with patina-like splotched glass lady bug beads that I have had for ages.  They worked well with my Lorelei Michael's Challenge necklace, and they fit the bill for this necklace too.  I decided to wire wrap the lady bugs with large loops so that they would form a chain:

I was on a roll so used the beads and more of the wire to make the clasp, using a larger gauge for the toggle bar:

This was close but not quite...the loop part of the toggle dwarfed the toggle bar, and my husband thought the toggle bar looked sharp.  I made another loop with less beads and hammered the ends of the toggle bar a bit more.  

And here is how it all looks together...


  1. That's beautiful! Thanks for taking me on the journey of how you worked everything out!

  2. Elisabeth, you wire-wrapping Queen, you! :-) I can totally appreciate what went in to this piece - this is some serious wire wrapping. But the end result is so worth it - it is a stunning piece. And your toggle is fantastic!

  3. Really cool, Elisabeth! What a great idea for that toggle. Very clever and creative -- not to mention beautiful! Way to go!


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