A couple weeks ago after a fun weekend with her pal Nancy of Rabbit Muse, they posted necklaces they made after buying the same exact beads at Michael's.  Lorelei asked if maybe others would like to join in a similar challenge, and many of us said yes.  Here's what Lorelei picked out from her Michael's and I found nearly the same at my Michael's:

Rules were we had to make a necklace, could add a focal and clasp of our choosing, and could add only 2 additional beads from out personal stashes.  Easy Peasy I thought, and bought a large silver leaf pendant at Michael's with the idea of doing something asymmetrical with it.  I also has just received my latest tool in the mail, a steel hole punch, which would make my multi-strand idea work with the large focal.  But see that white chain in the picture?  This would become the bane of my existence!  because here is what my first attempt turned out like:

Wasn't working for me at all.  So much so that I ignored it for a couple days.  But during that couple days I pulled out some books and magazines I hadn't looked through in a while, and came across the inaugural issue of Bead Trends, and the featured designer, Deon Thomas, of Tribal Jewelry, has a necklace with dark wood, green, and a large white focal that did work together:

Ah Ha!  More of the brown, and use green and white as an accent - that was the ticket.  I traded in the silver foil lined clear seed beads and lime green lined clear seed beads I had been using for these two beads - a very light topaz glass and these odd, lady bug shaped beads in brown with splotches of green I had never used before because they were just - odd:

And after all of that self-imposed torture, here is the final result:

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  1. ooooooh pretty! I love the multi-strand! I think the focal is perfect! Great inspiration you found too! nice work, thanks so much for playing along. I hope you join in for the next one!

  2. I agree the white chain threw me for a loop as well - I stared at it forever!!I love your solution : )...Happy Blog hopping!!!

  3. Great job with the final result! Love the large leaf focal. It ties in the multiple strands perfectly!

  4. Love that leaf and how it woks with the multi strands.

  5. Oh, wow! That leaf pendant just makes this necklace shine! Gorgeous design! I could imagine the fairy queen wearing this, slipping through the forest with a bewitching grin. :3 So beautiful!

  6. Very pretty! Love the leaf pendant! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Beau-ti-ful!! I love your solution for the chain. Ingenious!!

  8. A total show stopper...your redo was spectacular :)

  9. WOW!! I love the chunkiness of your design and that leaf closure is to die for- where o where did you get that?

  10. this is soo great..i am laughing over your brilliant idea for using that DWchain, if you had not told me the czech beads were lady bugs i would never have guessed..they add a very nice texture ..love the multi stands as well.

  11. Me, too! I enlarged the photo to see how you'd used the different elements and voila! There was the chain. How clever! And effective at the same time. I mean, it looks good like that, sets off the other pieces very nicely. I love the multi-strand look, too! --SallyA

  12. Fantastic -- I love how you disassembled the chain to use the links as spacer beads. Brilliant!

  13. Gorgeous! Clever use of the white chain.

  14. I also made a 3-strand necklace. Love yours!

  15. Three strands, great idea! And that focal is simply gorgeous! Wasn't this fun?

  16. Wow, plan B turned out great! I love the multiple strands and the leaf focal!

  17. Love the leaf pendant and the way you solved all those difficult components. Great.

  18. I really like the leaf, and the design of the back of the necklace. Thanks for sharing some of the struggles you had during the process: it resulted in a great piece!

  19. Very pretty! Amazing focal. And I'm a big fan of the multi-strands! Great job.

  20. Wow - you totally nailed it. Love that piece!

  21. Oh, wow! I love the final result! You did great!

  22. Fun focal - very pretty necklace!!

  23. The multi-strand has so much rich texture! The addition of a large focal on the side is very hip. You've pulled together a piece that's very fashionable. Bravo!

  24. What a great necklace! The focal is perfect, and the way you used the white chain links is fantastic (I wish I had thought of that - lol!). Beautiful!

  25. I love it! It's perfect. The leaf and cone are wonderful. :)


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