Hello Bloggers and Blog Readers!  I am looking for some feedback.  I LOOOOOOVE getting comments, and I check out my blog like a zillion times a day to see what you all have to say.  But I am super bad at responding to commenters, because it seems clunky to click through each profile for an e-mail link, and some profiles don't have an e-mail link.  So my question is simple...

Is there an easier way? 

I have a feeling that requiring comment approval makes it easier to respond.  True, or am I just hopeful?


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  1. I use to have the same problem! But then I turned on the e-mail notification thingy through Blogger for when I get a new comment on a post. Now I can just reply to the e-mail to respond to the comment. To turn it on, just click "settings" and then "comments" in your dashboard...then all the way on the bottom, there should be a box to enter an e-mail address (or 2) for "Comment Notification Email"...then save the changes. :) Hope that makes sense and makes it easier for you!

  2. I do something similar, I have to approve all my messages that way I get them all. Well almost, I still go to my blog every few days and find their are comments I never got notifications for. One problem is probably 50% are anonymous so you can't respond even if you want to.

  3. I do that too. It is so much easier to respond through e-mail. You see who you can respond to and who has on it!


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