I am a big fan of La Bella Joya (can you tell???) and especially the Margie and Me challenges.  Marcie has gone from weekly to bi-weekly challenges to help those of us with time issues, and even with an extra week, I am late.  I was going to skip the last challenge entirely, but as I took apart a bangle I made for my daughters BFF's birthday, which in my effort to size appropriately, I didn't, it occurred to me that the blue sky color of the round beads matched the blues in the challenge picture:

The star spacers I used on the original bangle also seemed rococo-ish (making up some new English on this post, just go with it...).  I pulled out some Softflex wire in a similar blue and added pink square quartz beads.  I strung the beads in a two strand style that I love (see another example here) that makes the blue beads look like the puffy blue sky in the fresco.

I was kind of on a roll with the Softflex color wire and found a couple 2 hole spacers in the same tin with the star spacers so made this bracelet too.

You can see the other Weis Chapel entries here - enjoy!


  1. Elisabeth! This is sooo cute! Better late than never I say and it's so cool that you were so inspired, beautiful, amiga, beautiful!

  2. Love it and I was so late too! I went with the pink and pearl hues! Better late than never!

  3. Very pretty bracelets. I love to see what everyone creates with this challenge.

  4. So pretty I love those colors !! I want to do this but am swamped right now. Two weeks might work for me I have to go check it out again!


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