...well not really that old, just some of the beads I first purchased a couple years ago when an "I can make that" moment led to my current state of beady-single-mindedness.  It was a mixed bag of cane glass that I sorted into pairs to make many sets of earrings, and then they languished as I raced off in different directions and the size of my bead collection grew.  But the other night I decided to use these cool hammered rings from Beadazzled, the cane glass beads, a bail made from my favorite Parawire and using this cool new tool I got from from Fundametals, and other bits and pieces. 

I'm on the fence about my half blue glass beads and half black chain necklace for this one - what do you all think?  Pulling out these cane glass beads is what I love about making jewelry - what you have in your collection never gets stale or goes out of style - as you learn and grow you can use what you have in new and interesting ways.


  1. Both are equally beautiful! The green will look great for the holidays!

  2. I like the blue beads with the black chain. It is a nice contrast.


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