As I posted during Art Bliss, I had the awesome opportunity to take Deryn Mentock's Link Love class.  It was an entire day of links, loops, rings and other connections, all using steel wire which is super forgiving.  What was great was that there was no finished project as the goal of the class - it was all about foundations for great jewelry.  But of course I am obsessed with finishing all tasks, and added links throughout the day to make a necklace that's a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Paddle links and wrapped links

Twisted jump rings with wrapped connection

Scroll link with a bead I brought along added (Deryn taught us a technique to "staple" the two sides together - rough around the edges but not a bad first attempt)

Dream Catcher link with Spring links on either side

S-link (and the clasp of my necklace)


  1. I love the links! Wasn't Deryn an amazing instructor?? I've hoped for years to take a class with her and was so thrilled to finally have that opportunity myself. Your steel wire necklace is beautiful...I especially like the dream catcher link.
    Was your son at the Camporall over the weekend out in Haymarket? We were there!

  2. I love your necklace! The different links are wonderful. I love it!!!!!

  3. Ooh, super pretty! I'll bet it's fun sitting with a group, learning and creating.

  4. Oh So So Pretty! I love the color and all the added touches. What a fun learning experience!

  5. Hey Elisabeth! I'm glad you're gonna try Margie and Me this week(s)! I'm thinking about Lorelei's challenge, the problem is that I'm not a big stringer....but, I dunno, maybe I can create some beadwoven components to throw into the mix. I'll just have to see.

  6. Looks like you learned a lot of different links in her class. You necklace is wonderful! I love the wired look.


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