Here are a couple more links from Deryn Mentock's excellent Link Love class.  These are two styles of using thinner gauge wire to wrap seed beads around either a piece of fabric or a bead already wired up.  In my goodie bag from Deryn was this great fluffy piece of yarn:

You have to look closely through the fluffiness to see the wire wrapping around the yarn and the seed beads on the wire wrap.  For some reason I decided to make the wrapped link extra long, and when I got home, I finished it with black matte chain (kinda obsessed with the stuff lately) and two leaf beads that the picture doesn't show are iridescent and similar in color to the yarn.  Greg thinks it's cool...for a caterpillar necklace. :-)

Deryn uses the same technique over beads.  I had a string of faux antique beads (actually resin and from Michael's) that really take on a lot of character with the steel wire and the black seed beads.  

When I got home I added two black carved cinnabar beads from Michael's which I wire wrapped with some left over steel wire (definitely brought home my scraps from class!) and added them to black shiny oblong oval chain.  Once I attached the entire chain I couldn't decide long or short, and decided to make it a short necklace.  Rather than cut the chain I used to excess to make a second strand, and used more of my scrap steel wire to make a jump ring and a simple hook for the clasp.

As I am sure you all know, inspiration will take you down all kinds of paths.  A friend requested that I add a copper chain to a lanyard I have recently listed on Etsy.  I had copper wire and a day of Link Love under by belt, so decided to see if I could make a chain from scratch.  It was tons of fun (totally a while-watching-TV-project - no seed beads to fall down between the sofa cushions) and I am pleased with the results:

The lanyard is listed in my Etsy shop...the other two will be posted there in the next few days.


  1. First, I love the copper chain, it is wonderful. Next, so are all your other Link Love projects.

  2. Beautiful. I love the chain and that wrapped bead is such funl. Your links are great. May I ask a question - do you know where she got the steel wire?

  3. Beautiful! I LOVE the lanyard, wish I needed one!


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