About two months ago I set some summer goals, and since September is almost over, I thought I would review and see how I did.

1. I MUST FIGURE OUT a better way to take pictures - something that works after dark since my daylight beading time is limited.

HOW DID I DO:  I just made more of an effort to take pictures outside before the sun went down.  I took pictures of everything I have made and replaced EVERY PICTURE I have on Etsy.   Man!  That was hard but I think it will be worth it.

2. I MUST FIGURE OUT a way to store/display completed pieces.

HOW DID I DO:  I bought key hooks from Target and mini drawers from the Container Store and now have a neater work area (although the clutter is creeping in again - yikes!)  Check out the results here.

3. I need to act upon the couple ideas in my head right now and make the pieces I have imagined.

HOW DID I DO:  Got a couple things made, and have been enjoying the Art Bead Scene Blog monthly challenges and La Bella Joya's weekly Margie and Me challenges to stretch a little here and there.  They are all listed in my Etsy shop.

4. I need to start what I am calling my Emma Challenge.

HOW DID I DO:  This one is still on the to do list.

5. It seems I have volunteered to teach my kids day camp how to make some jewelry.

HOW DID I DO:  It was great fun!  And it gave me the idea that maybe this is an area I should look into as a new business area - beading birthday parties!  Need to ponder that one more.

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