A small part of the reason I have had a hard time getting going on some projects (other than a busy couple of weeks at the pesky day job/bead budget source) was the ugly state of my desk.  I am generally a neat person - because the clutter that grows and inhabits all horizontal surfaces in my house drives me batty - but clearly the real world had gotten the best of me.  Something. Dramatic. Needed. To. Be. Done.  Thankfully and for the small price of a cold beer my husband Greg stepped in to solve part of my problem - what to do with completed pieces - by hanging some awesome key hooks I bought at Target.  As you can see Layla and I provided lots of support.

With my inventory of beady goodness up off of my desk and on the wall, I was ready to tackle the rest...

Not too bad, huh?
One super big help was this group of five two drawer organizers I bought on sale at the Container Store.  They helped me to stash away wire, cord, chain and other doo dads (like the vintage buttons I HAD TO HAVE) so now I have more than 1 foot by 1 foot of space to work.  I even started/finished a bunch of projects today and it still looks like this.  Greg keeps coming into the office (we share) and says, "Wow, how clean!" and "Wow, it still looks great!"  A subtle hint to keep it neat huh? 

We've got a last bit of summer adventure planned, so I am going to try my hand at scheduled blog posts...there will either be 10 posts tonight or I'll get the right buttons pushed...finger's crossed!  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Congrats on the desk clean up. I worked on mine a bit over the weekend. Bead stash solutions gets me because I like to see what I have when I create. I ¡love! you magnetic containers. Where did you find such a large group of clear lidded tins (I assume you added the magnets yourself)?

  2. It looks wonderful! Wanna come over and do mine? :) Have a great vaca.

  3. Looks great! I am so jealous that you have so much stock!!!!
    Have a wonderful vacation!


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