When I was deployed to Iraq, we called our unit "The Posse."  Our rally call was, "Posse Up," our version of "Let's roll!"  Sounds goofy I know, but when you spend a year on essentially an island surrounded by desert, the silly becomes normal.  One of the most memorable members of the Posse, for me, was April.  She is an awesome woman, smart and professional -- I know she will be a future leader of the Air Force -- but she also was the spirit of the squadron.  The pie-in-the-face fundraiser, the America's Got Talent night, you name it, April was involved, and by being involved, she made it better for all of us there.  She signed up all of the females in the unit for the Fire Muster -- sort of a fun fire department Olympics -- and told the male team we would beat them.  We did (only by a couple seconds, but that totally counted for bragging rights).  She asked me to reenlist her - a small ceremony where we recite the oath of office, and April figured out how to get us all on an Army helicopter to do it. (April on left of both pictures)

We got a chance to catch up a couple weeks ago while she was visiting DC with some girlfriends.  After that we had the following exchange on Facebook that has been so much fun (special requests are my favorite kind of jewelry project):

April:  If I wanted to buy the Pink Flamenco Earrings you have on Etsy...what are the chances I could get some sort of necklace made to go with them???

Me:  Definitely possible - not sure if I have the exact same pink beads but I bet I could come up with something :-)

April:  i mostly like the big metal-y part and the fact that the beads are pink...so if you have more of the metal-y things and some other pink beads maybe you could do something else. I don't have to that exact pair of earrings...but something like them would be awesome!

Me:  Can do - ideas already brewing in my head :-)

April:  before you get going on that jewelry set (since i know it will be first on your priority list when you return home (from vacation)...ha ha ha!) any chance you can make the necklace with more than one strand that are different lengths? make sense? I'm into those right now. I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with...and if I'm getting too picky let me know...just throwing ideas at you of what i like. oh, and i like necklaces that sit more in the middle of my chest, not too far past the collar bone...instead of the longer type. a girl can never bee too picky you know! ha ha ha! =O) I'm so excited to have an Auld Origional!

Me:  April - don't want you to think that I have forgotten - been gathering supplies and recovering from the Auld Summer Adventure. I have some ideas so will work on it this week and send pictures. No obligation to like what I make :-)

Me (next day):  Here is my idea for the necklace - ignore the wires sticking out from the beads - I won't loop and trim until we are happy. Hopefully you can see the black chain - thought that and silver and pink crystals would be so April

Me (again):  Imagine all of these pieces connected and hanging from an earring wire :-) Black chain piece is optional...heck...all of it is optional :-)

April:  I love love love the necklace! And I think I'd like the earrings better without the black chain. Now I am just going to need to pick something out to wear this with!! =O)

I couldn't leave behind the notion of the black chain bits becoming earrings, so April gets two pairs:

And here is the necklace - I added only a couple more Swarovski crystals after I sent the picture of the rough design.  A new way to Posse Up!



  1. I love the necklace! Great idea with the earrings, too! What a great exchange!

  2. haaaaaaaaa I love it! Custom work is hard...I'm glad you have fun with it. I get too stressed out that it's going to go awful and I'm pressed for a deadline. Oh well...I'll continue to do it anyway! haaaaaaaaa

  3. Love it! I am sure April will wear it proudly and with flare! You are a good friend!


  4. I love custom work! Great piece and fun story.


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