My daughter Emma is a total tomboy - loves sports and will only wear dresses when Mommy insists due to a special reason - but we are seeing little glimmers of the teenager and young woman (gulp!) she is growing into.  Early this summer she declared she is growing her hair long and now wants it in a pony tail most days.  She's always been a fun beading buddy, but in Tucson she specifically picked out a focal bead she wanted to put on a cord to make a necklace, and when we got home and worked on it she declared it as something she wanted to make to wear for the first day of school.  We put our heads together and came up with this:

I made a simple wire wrapped bail, and then asked if she would like a little loop at the bottom for a small dangle.  I had bought a small string of these hematite-finished glass blossom beads which I thought would be cute and girly but not too girly.

As I am into adding a dangle to the end of the extender, I remembered that in the pile of goodies I got from Kate at Organic Odysseys was a small vintage rhinestone "E" charm.  Emma loved the idea, so that's how we finished it off.

Final product (I heart this girl in a huge way!):


  1. How wonderful to know that she'll have that experience with you in her memories! Love this story!

  2. Your little girl is growing up to be a beautiful young lady! Thank you for sharing your mother/daughter project.

  3. Love that necklace and she looks very, very happy wearing it. I especially love the E at the end. Wonderful!

  4. Beautiful! I love the "E" on the end and it looks gorgeous on this young lady. Hope her first day was a hit.


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