I have been following the weekly Margie and Me challenges held by La Bella Joya.  The weekly challenges are based on the book The Beader's Color Palette by Margie Deeb.  This week's challenge was based on this image of the Badlands in South Dakota...

I love, love, love the west - we have lived in Texas and Arizona, have family in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and northern California - and hope to move back that direction some day.  Here is the associated color palette - cross that with the colors of my logo and you can see why this week's challenge speaks to me so!

What also arrived in the mail this week was two handmade lampwork focals by Julsbeads.  Juls has an AWESOME blog and I heart her and her great sense of humor.  I also covet her bead themed vanity license plate!  So one of the beads I ordered from her Etsy shop is called Karma and check out the colors:

Is there any better karma than combining this focal with Margie's palette?  Here is the result:

Made some matching earrings, too, although I am not sure if I like how they dangle:

Gotta get everyone organized to go to Emma's first soccer game of the season and I am still in my PJs - so I'll stop typing now :-)  Enjoy this beautiful Saturday!


  1. D R O O O O O O O O O O L..................

    Gorgeous colors~ and that focal so totally fits!
    I love what you did with it~ perfect pairing of shapes and colors. I think the dangle of the earrings is just right for highlighting the zuni bears. <3


  2. You go girl! So much more on top of things than I am!!!! I'll link to you tomorrow in my post so that everyone can see you're awesome necklace!

  3. That focal is gorgeous and it totally rocks with that multi-strand design. Love it!!! Those are sooooooo your colors!

  4. I love what you did with Juls bead! I do love her stuff.

  5. Love the design, Elisabeth! When I first opened up your blog post, I said "did she go to the Badlands?" I used to live in MN and we used to go to the Badlands for some vacations.


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