...but I know that in this age of electronic banking my secret will soon be out.

So...although the Beadin' Path of Fort Walton Beach did not materialize, I returned to another bead store in the local area that I had been to the summer before, Colorstones.   It's almost a "you need to be taken there" kind of place 'cause it's tucked into a corner of an unassuming strip mall in Mary Esther, FL.

My trip to this part of the world last summer was for a two and a half week class that crossed over 2 weekends, so I had plenty of time to investigate all corners of the Florida Panhandle between Pensacola and Destin.  Last summer the store had just moved into this location, and I was pleased to find it still there.  The nice woman who was working was wonderful to chat with and I wish I had asked her name.  She told me they were stocking up on seed beads to draw in those customers, and I noticed that they had a huge selection of crystals.  In short order I found a couple strings of stuff I couldn't live without...take a look:

The stick beads are gold stone with great sparkle.

Kinda disco bally but too fun to not try out.
These are for my Thai Clasp project - more on that in a later post!  Hope your Monday wasn't too Monday-ish!


  1. Nice job on the shopping! haaaaaaaaaa Your blog layout looks fantastic, by the way. :) I hope I'll get to see you this week when you're wandering through the area!

  2. OOOOOOHHHHHH prettys! thanks for the eye candy!


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