This afternoon I got to meet Courtney of Beads by Bruel face-to-face, as well as her beautiful daughter (who quickly and rightfully said hello and headed out on her own - we were headed into a bead shop after all).  We met at the Tyson's Corner Mall at the Beadazzled shop.  Tucked into a quiet corner of the mall, it is an oasis of beauty.  They have a varied collection of 1-each beads, quite a few strands of unusual stuff available, and then some really, really nice stuff - Courtney saw some African trade beads that she liked and the price tag had three digits left of the decimal. 

Unforturately we did not take digital evidence of our meeting, but we left with a hug and a "let's do this again."  It's been a great weekend of reconnecting with old friends, dinner with the usual friends, and making new friends.  Too bad reality arrives in about 12 minutes :-)

Oh!  You don't think we left the shop empty handed did you?  Here is what I brought home....maybe Courtney will post hers soon too.


  1. And fun it was! So great to put a face with a name. I will post my goodies!

  2. Good for both of you!! I am so jealous I have no beady friends to meet up with! That is truly an awesome day!


  3. Okay, you two were in my back yard! Tysons is just 10 minutes from my keep me in mind next time too! :-) Although I have to say that Beadazzled is an extremely pricey place to shop for beads!


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