Today is my Mom's birthday - she's pictured here with her sweetie Don when they came out for Greg's retirement.  My Mom is such a strong supporter of her kids (both her own and the ones we picked out to marry) and her grand kids.  No matter what, she has always been our passionate advocate.  She is also a jewelry lover (my love of jewelry and beading is no happy accident) and is wonderful about wearing things I have made (like the necklace she is wearing in this picture).  She is also great about going bead shopping, purchasing interesting beads, and then handing them to me, saying, "Do something with these."  I love it! 

We won't be in Arizona on her actual birthday - but will arrive just after - and I am fairly certain she doesn't read my blog - so here is a peek at her present.  I started it a couple weeks ago after getting obsessed with making square jump rings.  I wrestled with the clasp, and got it fairly close to what I was hoping for.  My Mom is not a "statement piece" jewelry wearer, and the necklace is kind of heavy, so I'll be interested to hear if it wears well for her and if it's comfortable.  It won't be the first time I have given her something with instructions to "wear this and see how it works."  :-)



  1. I love the necklace it is stunning!!

  2. Happy Birthday to MOM! I can't wait to hear what she thinks of this piece!


  3. Wow, your Mom and one of my sons share the same birthday (he just turned 6)! I hope she had a wonderful day. You are SO fortunate that your Mom loves jewelry and bead shopping. Unfortunately mine would never wear anything I make...does NOT care for handmade jewelry. :-(


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