A couple months ago I read Lori Anderson's review of The Earring Style Book by Stephanie Wells.  Based on Lori's recommendation I preordered the book, which came out August 17th.  I had totally forgotten about the whole pre-order thing so was pleasantly surprised when an Amazon box arrived "out of the blue" with a great new reference.  I haven't spent time studying all of the designs, other than gawking at all the celebs who wear Stephanie's earrings.  It will be interesting to tackle some of the projects, but for now, check out my first "inspired by" project - a pair of earrings made from Mah Jong tiles.  I got them pre-drilled ages ago from Fire Mountain (they still carry them) and made a necklace for Janice, my mother in law.  She mentioned not too long ago that she'd like some matching earrings.  The tiles are life size, so I wanted to keep the earrings simple and light.  The interlocking loops is something that Stephanie does a lot in her designs - simpler than trying a briolette style wrapped loop.  I made the ear wires too :-) If the picture is fuzzy it's because a summer rain storm made it super muggy and it took FOREVER for my camera to adjust. 

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