Thanks to the folks that entered my first ever blog giveaway!  I used a highly scientific method of selecting a winner, with two outstanding assistants, Emma and Michael:

And the winner is...Doris, of Glaszwerg!!!!  I will put this little bauble in the mail as soon as you send me your address!

And while were on the topic of giveaways, last week, at a moment when I was not digging my day job and felt like I NEVER win ANYTHING on the beading front, I got a lovely e-mail from Kate of Organic Odysseys (love her motto - turning the ordinary into the EXTRA ordinary) saying I had won her Bead Soup giveaway - awesomeness!  So yesterday I got the package in the mail - don't you just love her envelope?  She sent me a necklace and the components to finish it (so I get to pick the length - clever!) plus a box of random beads including a vintage rhinestone "E" charm - how cool is that?  What Kate didn't know is that I hate when people shorten my name (Beth, Liz, Betty - yuck) so at work I shortened my name myself to just "E"  I can't wait to put the charm into something cool!


  1. What a surprise! Isn't it crazy? I am very proud to be the winner! Its real great! Greetings Doris

  2. Oh yay for her! And I use my son Zack for drawing names all the time -- he loves it!


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