Although right now I am a little bummed to not be on summer vacation like my husband and the kids, having the sun up later, the pool staying open until 9, less traffic on the roads since school is out, and a VACAY! around the corner is pretty darn awesome.  (We're taking the train up to NYC for a couple days - can't wait!)

But really, Greg, Emma and Michael have been working pretty hard this week - Greg is running the BB range at cub scout camp, Michael is attending cub scout camp, Emma is going to morning swim practice and then day camp, plus they both swam in two swim meets this week (and probably a third on Saturday).  We are not over achieving parents, I promise, just didn't think through the list of activities very well.  We had some pretty tired kids on our hands tonight!

The 4th of July and the annual Toll Bridge Court block party and fireworks extravaganza is right around the corner - gotta love a party that happens right outside your door!  Help me start celebrating early by ENTERING MY GIVE AWAY CONTEST.  Come on all you bloggers and followers, I know you love jewelry, 'cause I've been reading your blogs!  In all my spare time this summer, I would like to get to 50 followers, get 100 items on Etsy and just generally give myself over to beadiness.  Today at work I caught myself figuring out a design WHILE MY BOSS WAS TALKING TO ME.  So "giving myself over to beadiness" is hardly a stretch.  Here's a pic of the give away, and below are the rules.  See ya 'round the blogs!

Here is how to win:

1. Become a follower of my blog and leave a comment; if you are already a follower please leave a comment as well.

2. Post a link to this give away on your blog and get 5 more chances to win; leave a comment to let me know.

3. Winner will be selected by random drawing on the 4th of July - I'll e-mail you to get your address. International participants are welcome!

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  1. I love Summer too! And your beads looks like summertime! I jump in the hat! Have a nice summerday! Yours Doris


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