My friend Julie is retiring from the Air Force - we are more than work acquaintances - we were assigned together in (gulp!) 1992 at Yokota Air Base in Japan. Over the course of our careers our paths have crossed many times, and now years later we are working in the same office in Arlington, VA. Since Julie is retiring, she is madly interviewing for a civilian job. After I blabbed on and on one day about wanting to retire and make jewelry, Julie mentioned she needed "something kind of light, and something kind of dark" to wear with her interview suits. I L-O-V-E L-O-V-E L-O-V-E challenges like that!

The "light one" I came up with has a the focal bead I am pretty sure is Aragonite (bought in a frenzy at the Bead Fest Wire bazaar last month), surrounded by creamy opaque polymer beads and clear glass round beads. The "dark one" has a couple groups of blue gold stone slices (which actually looks like dark purple) and since those are a little-bit-rock-and-roll I kept the rest of the necklace simple with clear lavender glass tube beads and small iridescent purple seed beads. I liked how they came out so much I made second ones and have put them in my Etsy Shop

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  1. I love our AF gal history! I need to scan some pics, soon, and have a good gal post of my own. :)


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