"Current Bright Shiney Object" is what my husband and I call a distraction that becomes a temporary obsession. Like when you are on the computer looking for a specific picture and then decide that looking for it would be so much easier if they were organized, and then you spend a couple hours reorganizing the photo library, and what was it that you needed to do when you first sat down??? Between the two kids and the puppy we don't get much time to chase Bright Shiney Objects for long, but since my day job requires a 40 minute-ish each way commute and regular boring meetings, mentally, I chase those Bright Shiney Objects often (usually "beads" are the subject matter). So here is ONE of my current obsessions...submitting something for this months Art Bead Scene Blog monthly challange (it's a great blog: http://artbeadscene.blogspot.com/ ) The challange requires that you use an "art bead" as the focal (by their definition a bead made by an indepenant artist) and relate it to their chosen art work...this month it's "The Juggler" by Marc Chagall on the left. Art Bead, hmmmmm, where to find? I knew my friend Jen was a fan of Sue Beads, so I checked out her Etsy shop http://suebeads.etsy.com and found the great focal on the right that seems to share the colors and the "activity" of the painting. One problem...the metal frame of the focal is gold, and I don't really have any gold components. I almost got online to shop for some, but I've been purchasing a lot of treasures lately, and need to lay off before my CFO cuts off my bead spending (as he would have every right to do....it all started at Bead Fest Wire and I can't seem to stop). So it will also be a challenge to see if I can work in the gold focal with no other gold components...something to ponder on the drive to work tomorrow!


  1. Oh yes you can!! Do you have a resale shop nearby? Sometimes, it is great fun to find a vintage piece and part that puppy out! And the $$investment is not too much, AND if it is a charitable type of shop, you can REALLY rationalize the spend. Yes, I am truely the queen of rationalization. Not spelling though. Sorry about that.

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of beads and beading!


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