I have had so much fun playing with metal lately, so of course, almost all of the women in my family got something from my studio for Christmas...

I made this for my Mom - she lives in Tucson so the earth tones are right up her alley.

I made this for my mother-in-law. She likes long drapey necklaces. The silver piece in the middle I got from Melissa Meman - check out her shop here - she is AMAZING!

I made this for my Aunt Suzanne. The cab is from the wonderful Sue Kennedy. Check out her shop Sue Beads here. My aunt is my artistic spirit animal. She gave me a BEAUTIFUL shawl she had knit, I think I came out ahead on that one :-)

This I made for my sister-in-law, for her birthday, which is in late December. I found a gorgeous teal velvet-y top that this goes with.

I also made her some bangles, and sent some to my other aunt in Denver. 

Lastly, I made this tiger eye pendent for my sister-in-law for her Christmas present. I have made a setting for something this big (it's about dime-sized). I thought it came out great. All the ladies in my family have different styles and different tastes, which suits me to no end. I love thinking of things that will suit them.

I received some great new tools from my awesome husband and kids - I am a lucky girl. I can't wait to play!

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  1. What wonderful presents you gave this year and I love the toys your hubby got ya.


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