At the bottom of this post I showed the dress I planned to wear to a dear friends wedding, along with the jewelry I had made to go with it (of course).

My gift to her was to make her wedding jewelry.  It was a fun project especially because we live in the same neighborhood, so we could visit a local bead shop and pick out beads, and then she could try on what I made with her dress before I did the final finishing work.

It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding, the chapel and reception were stunning, the weather was lovely, and many good friends were there.  It was so great to see the happy glow of my friend and her new husband.  Our daughter was invited also (she's been friends with the bride's daughter since 3rd grade) and it was a treat to see her dressed up and having a great time with her friends.  It really was one of the best evenings out I've had in a long time.  The bride was kind enough to share these pictures that the photographer took of what I made...

Doesn't she and her groom look so happy?

Like I said, the wedding was even better because of the great friends there - these ladies and our daughters have known each other for at least 10 years now.  I would be lost with out them - their sage advice, their ability to listen, their strength of character - sure life savers!

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