Back in July we switched our living and dining rooms.  You can see the before and after here. I wanted to make the wall behind the new couch location a gallery wall.  I looked around online hoping to find a place where I could upload a couple files and have nicely framed pictures returned to me at a reasonable price, but I couldn't find anything.  Plus I am bad at visualizing the size of things - I know this from the super large and super tiny beads that arrive in the mail :-)

So finally I went to Michaels, who luckily had a sale going on, and picked out a bunch of frames.  I already had a black framed drawing by my daughter that I wanted to incorporate.  I decided to go with the same color but different styles. 

I didn't necessarily want Emma's drawing in the middle, but other configurations didn't work.

Next I went through pictures and decided which ones would go into which frame.  I printed a small version on regular paper so I could see it all together.  This helped me order from Snapfish (also having a sale :-)) in the right size and orientation.

And now it's done!  Turns out Emma had the same shirt on in a couple of the pictures, so I rearranged slightly so they were right next to each other.  As you can see Griffin approves.

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