So, waaaaay back in 2013 (evidence of the date here), my friend Jennifer gave me a necklace that was special to her and needed repair.  It was one of the only possessions that her great grandmother brought with her wen she emigrated from Italy.  I don't do much seed beading, but my 2013 post asked for ideas and the resounding recommendation was: restring the entire thing.  A bit intimidating.

So I stalled, and kind of forgot, and asked for more advice here and there on threads and waxing, and did some research on finishing and four strand braiding. And I stalled some more. And then I read a post by Elizabeth Gilbert that said

Um, no kidding.

I know I am being a tad drama llama.  But I've been feeling a bit stuck about many things lately - nothing earth shattering, or life altering - just in need of some rut-breaking-out-of. So with a cookie sheet to catch beads, reading glasses, and instructions, I took out my scissors and pulled it all apart.

Getting the strands to be all one length and getting the braid right were the hardest parts :-)

Here is the finished project.  I had some beads left over so used those in a bracelet with the two large beads on the ends of the original necklace (forgot to take a picture).

And Jennifer was very happy with the result.

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