First some business - the winner of the Uncommon Goods giveaway is Kathy!  Hit me up with your address please!

Now for some storage ideas - magnets can be your friend!  Back when my desk in our home office was also my studio, we hung sheet metal above my desk and I put all my beads in clear topped containers with magnetic tape on the bottom.  You can get ready make ones at IKEA, but since I needed many of them, I ordered the containers online and stuck on my own magnetic tape.  You can read all the details at my post here.

It took me a while once I moved everything down to my new studio to get my new bead wall built.  I wanted a single sheet of sheet metal and I found a place that would do it for me.  Once we got it home we realized that we needed a cut out for the outlet.  Sheet metal is not forgiving, so it took more effort that you would think to cut a suitable hole.  We made it look a little prettier with duct tape :-).

Recently a good friend stayed with me and wanted to do some shopping.  My inventory is usually a tangled mess in a bin - and it took us a while to put it into order.  In the new basement configuration, the extra/drink fridge got moved into my studio.  It occurred to me that some magnetic hooks could turn the side of it into a display, so that I am ready for the random shopping request.  A little search on Amazon and I was set:

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