Lori of Pretty Things alerted me to a great blog called 31 Days.  The blog challenges us to write every day during the month of October, along the lines of a general topic.  The topic I chose is Personal Endeavors.  I like that I get to chose how I would like to grow, and in what direction.  But I do need some curbs on my lane, otherwise I might drift too far.

I am a girl who likes lists, what can I say :-)  

So I am going to choose 7 sub-topics for the days of the week:

Wednesday - New Favorite Blog/Book
Thursday - Travel Locations on the Bucket List
Friday - Focus on Life
Saturday - New Favorite Recipe
Sunday - Best Family Photo of the Week
Monday - What's New in the Bead Studio
Tuesday - Taking a Stab at Fiction Writing

Okay - so for today I need to tell you about a New Favorite Blog.  This one isn't new or new to me (is it breaking rules when you just made the rule up for yourself like 3 sentences ago?) but it's irreverence, salty language and laughs often are a highlight of my carpool driving days.  Definitely not safe for work or kids, or sometimes even husbands: The Bloggess

If you find you like her writing, I urge you to go get her book, Let's Pretend This Never Happened.  It is a book that made me laugh out loud. A lot.  And we all need some of that don't we?

See you here tomorrow!  ~ Elisabeth

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  1. From year-to-year I flirt with having an editorial calendar but I give up the idea before implementing anything. I never thought about trying it for one month and then tweaking it (if needed) as the months go by. Thanks for sharing the start of your journey.


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