I have a Christmas market coming up in a couple weeks and I have decided that I want to re-do how I set up my space.  I have two large shutters that were removed from our house and kept for some reason.  A couple of years ago they became my earring displays, and I love them, because they are tall and solid.  However, the brackets I attached aren't 100% level, and are metal, and as I discovered recently, when they inadvertently hit your car door, are cable of leaving a huge huge, ugly scratch in your new car.  Drat.  So I have a plan - to redo the brackets and to fill that space between the shutters with a collage of frames that I will hang necklaces on instead of my banner.  Here is the before picture:

And there is no after picture yet.  Busy weekend with some unknown events that limited my creative time.  All in support of my kids, so the time is spent happily :-) Let's make next Monday my goal for an after picture!

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