Did you know it's Mother's Day Sunday?  I just figured that out. Yikes. Lately stuff like that has been sneaking up on me.  Good thing A: both our Mom's love jewelry and B: I have, ahem, and endless supply of beads and other jewelry making items.

Here is what I cooked up tonight:

These are paper beads from a string I bought at Epcot last summer (am I a world traveler or what?).  Blue glass and small orange crystals.

The focal on this one was made by me! Using thin chain with lamp work beads has been my things lately.  I found the perfect number of fancy head pins and a couple "turquoise" rondelles to bring out the blues in the focal.

I started some earrings but then ran out of steam.  Some Bead Soup might be in this picture but I won't tell exactly what!  Come back on Saturday to see all I made with my soup!

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