My question answering quest (see here) got helped out yesterday afternoon because I had about 5 hours to myself.  Greg and Emma used up some ski passes and Michael was at an all afternoon choir festival.  Since another parent volunteered to chaperone I scored some free time.  I really wanted to make something of this unusual gift of time, so used it to finish some projects in my studio.  First, I tackled making a hole in the countertop for the cord to my OxyCon.  I was able to change this cord arrangement...

To this one!

I finished assembling the chairs I bought at IKEA.

And also installed a vent cover made of screen clips and plexiglass - turns out when you have a vent that goes outside it also works in reverse and lets in the cold winter air :-)  This will help keep things warmer in winter and cooler in summer! My honey gave me some cool lights that you can see I installed also over my torch area (since I was on a roll)

And now get to answering some of my questions.  I wanted to set up a corner of my studio as a permanent photo area - especially since I would like to become a full time bead maker and seller.  I bought hooks and the dowel at Home Depot, and the roll of drawing paper from Michael's.  I thought I hit jackpot because they had sketching paper on a roll that was white, unlike butcher paper that is more off white.  The legs on my lights are long, so I got two pots and a floor tile to elevate the photo area above the legs so that I didn't have to spread the lights so far apart (if you can follow all that).

One problem.  The paper is tissue thin.  Do you think it will work or should I look for thicker paper?

Here are some quick shots using my phone, that I tweaked little in Aperture (but not too much).  What do you think?

These are the latest batch of lamp work beads I've made.  Do you like?  You realize there is only one answer, right? :-) Give me your opinion on the paper or any other ideas for my photo area and I will draw a name on March 8th and send the lucky winner a couple of these!


  1. Beads are delicious! The photo looks like it has a blue cast to me but I don't know if it's the paper. I used decorated foam core behind my stuff I can flip from a book page background to solid white in a flip. They also sell magnets that fit over those rectangular vents and make them air tight! ...your going to hit me know aren't you? lol

  2. Love your vent cover! my only suggestion would be to add some weather stripping to the plexi so it makes a really good seal.

  3. Those beads are really great and I love the colors (I mean, who doesn't like blues and earthy colors).

    I think that using the tissue paper might be too thin. When I take pictures that I intend to put somewhere like Etsy, I have two pieces of those large poster board papers. I don't know what kind of light you're using either, I primarily try for sunlight, so it really helps for me to have a flexible yet thick background so that I can direct the light where I want/need it. For when there's no sun, I use two desk lamps with super bright bulbs in them. Both my lamps are flexible so I can position them exactly how I want.

    I'm not so sure about the book though. The diagrams in it are a little distracting to me, and I think it would look better if the spine was tilted at more of a 45 degree angle. That's just me though. Good luck with the rest of your DIY stuff!


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