In a mere 4 months I am leaving the full time job I have had since college - a more than full time job in the Air Force - and taking the summer off.  My husband, who is 100% awesome, wants me to forget about all the need-to-dos (like repainting the interior of my house and other ignored chores) and concentrate on making beads.  He's right to tell me to keep it simple - beads, daily fitness, and some travel are my plans for July and August.  But there is just so much to consider even when I keep it to just beads - there are many unanswered questions.

So I am going with my usual solution - I am making a list.  I am a person who thrives on lists.  They help me clear my mind and give me a plan of action.  You all have always been so generous with your time and advice, so I will lean on that for sure.  Below is the list in its (current) entirety, I will break this up in to manageable chunks over the next few months and see where I (we) end up.  I will post them on the blog, on Facebook and in some of the great groups out there, and I'm thinking some random drawing of names with mystery bead collection prizes will be in order as a thank you to you all.

Questions to Answer in 2014

General jewelry questions:
1.     Is a tumbler necessary?
2.     What is the true purpose of pickle?
3.     Why does everyone darken metal with liver of sulfur?
4.     Where is a good place to get steel wire?
5.     Jewelry displays – should I freshen my entire craft fair set up?
6.     Do I keep pieces from a couple years ago that aren’t selling or are no longer my thing, or should I disassemble them all and use the supplies for other things?

Selling my wares questions:
1.     Should I aim to sell beads in pairs, or focals, or some of both?
2.     Is there a true benefit to selling on Etsy?
3.     How much does it cost to vend at Bead Fest?
4.     Should I change my logo?
5.     Is it worth doing a big show at Dulles Expo?
6.     Who can I hire to make my web site cool?

Lampworking specific questions:
1.     Is there a trick to lampworking beads in pairs so that they are the same size?
2.     What’s a good way to keep track of colors of glass used in a particular bead/bead making session?
3.     Is there a good glass rod color index?
4.     Is there a trick to making hallow beads?
5.     Is there a trick (other than a larger mandrel) to making large hole beads?
6.     Is it worth buying a Dremel to clean beads?

Photography questions:
1.     Where can I go to learn about Photo Shop Elements?
2.     What is a good flexible backdrop for photos that won’t get used for school posters in a pinchJ?

Web and Social Media questions:
1.     What’s the best way to subscribe to blogs?
2.     What’s the best way for others to subscribe to my blog?
3.     What’s the best way to manage a twitter account?
4.     Should I join Instagram?
5.     What’s the best way to manage all social media – is there one app that works for all?
6.     Does liking Facebook make me a complete fuddy duddy?


  1. I hope Charleston is on your list of places to visit this summer:) Soooooo excited for you!!!

  2. I love that you are so very organized with this next adventure, Miss Elisabeth! And I love your hubby for suggesting that you do what makes you happy. I look forward to watching you bloom. And I might grab your list of questions and answer them for myself! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. I can totally answer your dremel question. They're pretty awesome. It's so easy to use one to clean/polish/drill/sand/grind whatever you need. I'd keep my eye out for sales for them though, because it's better to get a higher quality one. Lasts longer and better parts and whatnot.


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