I am kind of an epic fail (to borrow my son Michael's term) when it comes to journals.  My intentions are soooo good, but my follow through is not so great.  Amazingly, regular blog posts are not hard for me to keep up on, and when I was deployed I wrote a weekly update e-mail, with pictures, for an entire year. Perhaps a keyboard is what I need?  So while I started a journal with every intention of diligent study of the Crafter's Devotional, it's beginning to gather a little dust.  But the IDEA of the book, and the intent of the journal, I am keeping up on via blog posts and pictures.  Come take a look...

 I got to play with new materials - leather - thanks to a giveaway by the lovely Lori at 
Studio Waterstone.  Thanks Lori!

In September I went to ArtBliss and took a much dreamed for class with Kerry Bogert, lamp working artist extraordinaire.

Here is some of the cool stuff we got to do...

...which has motivated me to get my own torch back up and running!

These are a recent creation.  You can win them if you enter by Monday, November 19th, at this post.

I also continue to find beauty in many, many places and sometimes I can capture it with my camera.

(animals are a recent theme, apparently)

I also tweaked my display - this totally worked and I love it.  Shelving unit from Target ($15 or so), my own bead canisters (the heaviest ones), super easy set up and tear down.  The divided bowl I also found at Target for about $6 on sale :-)

Finally, I have had the chance to help others explore their creativity...my daugheter, Emma.  Her blog is called Emma's Photo Blog.

These wonderful gals are joining me in this creative journey - check them out here:
Jeannie - JKDJewelry
Vonna - Just Vonna


  1. What a great blog post! I love the beads, photos, jewelry, display ... and my visit with you!

  2. Love the photos. I am a lampwork newbie! I love those beads!!

  3. Good read and your Beads are pretty. Have fun with your Torch (lol)

  4. What a great opportunity to have a class with Kerri, torching always brings me inspiration.. I went to visit your daughters photo blog, (great work btw) what a wonderful way for a mother and daughter to bond! Bravo....

  5. Elisabeth great write up, photos are great and off to visit Emma's blog:-)

  6. I really wish I could have joined in this month, but things really seemed to have gotten away from me. I've had 'Crafter's Devotional' on my to-do list for two weeks now and haven't cracked the thing. I may just try to get in there in a bit as I do have some inspiration for the last page I did read.

    I'm so glad to see your creativity is blossoming as well as your helping your daughter develop hers. (so sweet) Thank you for taking the time to share all of this with us!


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