I just had an awesome weekend with two of my longest had, most cherished girlfriends -- Stella and Jen.  If you know me at all you know Jen is the gal behind Jen Judd Rocks.  I met Stella at about the same time I met Jen - 1999ish - in San Antonio, Texas, when we were all on the same planning committee for a dinner. Stella recently had a life changing medical event - and her recovery has been inspirational.  I have so much water under the bridge with these two, and in the best possible way. We had all kinds of fancy dinner plans, and ordered Chinese one night (eating in our pajamas) and pizza with another gal pal Susan the second night. We moved furniture for Jen and Stella came to see the kid's swim meet.  We had a massive shopping spree...at Target (tre chic!).  They are the coolest, dorkiest, fun-est, strongest gals I know, and I am so lucky to know them!

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