As in, drawn to flame :-)  

Digging the yellow and blue stripes, although I smeared them a bit trying to encase the bead in clear.  The purple one was an attempt at a hollow bead that got larger and larger and larger.  I used almost an entire rod of glass!  And burnt myself a tiny bit.  But Mothra isn't scared away by something like that :-)

By the way, Mothra has an extensive Wikipedia page...did you know Mothra was a formidable adversary who was the only creature to beat Godzilla?  Since clearly I am goofy tired it's time to head to bed.  Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!


  1. Love the new beads! And I honestly thought Mothra was your new nickname - kind of a southern version of Martha Stewart. Seriously, I've heard it pronounced that way. lol

  2. Love the beads! have always wanted to try my hand at glass, but am just so afraid of the unknown. You certainly have a talent with glass :) Love the story on Mothra :)

  3. OMG All I can tell you is when we got the "New" Godzilla one of my boys was HYSTERICAL crying because Mothra is killed and her babaies have to fend for themselves...HYSTERICAL.... we can't even mention the name "Mothra" in the house without a sniffle....


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