1. oh very pretty, the elves have done a wonderful job.....

  2. Elisabeth, Love the necklace and the word in the dictionary that is beside the focal is a good desription to your elves ;-)
    Merry Christmas,

  3. That is a very sensuous piece in warmth colors...I love to wear jewelry in muted colors to contrast my colorful outfits...this is very elegant one.

  4. Great focal and necklace! (Though I have to admit when I first saw the closeup on the Studio Waterstone page, I thought it was a fancy piece of chocolate--that would have been good too!) :)

    I'm wondering what the focal is made of...and I love the beads you've used also! (Are they wood, a seed of some kind, a Czech glass bead? Whatever they are, they are wonderful, earthy, and go perfect with your focal!

    Really nice photo too! I'm loving photos taken on books. I haven't tried it yet, but should. This looks great! --Sharyl


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