I love those times at the bead table when you have a list of ideas or projects in mind, and they just flow from your noggin right out your fingers quicker than you can keep up.  Wire, tools, and beads were flying as things came together. Poor Greg, who was equally involved in his own project, was constantly interrupted as I said, "How's this?" "This length?" "Will so-and-so like this?"  And here are the results...

Lampwork beads by Sue Beads - I like the mix of silver and gunmetal wire

Sage Leaf Pair by Floridity

Freebee lampwork sent in my order from Teri Persing.... (she makes amazing lamp works cat beads)

Lampwork bought at Bead Fest Philly from Louise Mehaffey, sari silk from Goldenonetoo

A little glam for Grandma

More sari silk goodness from Goldenonetoo...  Pendants made by me

My Mom went to Alaska this last summer and panned for gold.  She gave me her treasure and asked me if I could work it into beads somehow. Without knowing what I am doing, I rolled a hot bead through the flakes and then covered in clear glass. Not the most artistic shape, in fact, kinda clunky, but I hope she digs it.  I put it on a long chain so that she can see her gold!

I bought this vintage button from my pal Juls.  I used black Czech glass beads and small matte antique gold seed beads to put together a glamorous collar necklace for my glamorous aunt.

One problem was I only had silver crimp tubes, and even though I redid the clasp behind he button 3 times, I couldn't get it to all to stay hidden.  Grrrrr.  But then I remembered some liver of sulfur gel that I got in my ArtBliss swag bag.  I've never used it before but it sure did the trick - as soon as the crimp tubes got tarnished up they completely disappeared.


  1. Gorgeous creations! I think that every interruption was well worth it! Some very lucky people on your Christmas list! Love the leaf earrings (leaves are my favorite) and the necklace you made for your mom with her gold. Your pendants are really wonderful too.

  2. I love the how you wrapped the ear wires with the leaves! ....and those earrings with the lampwork by Sue are just yum. yum. yum.


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