It's a battle hardly worth desk top keeps hiding underneath all my stuff!  I'm digging my new red chair - super comfy.  There is often a little person twirling around in it.

It's now the time in December when I panic because all that's left on my Christmas list are the presents I am making.  Ticking, ticking, ticking is the clock, especially since the office/bead studio becomes a second guest room on December 22nd!

Maybe by next Wednesday I'll have something great to show you....until then check out the other great BTW pictures over on Flickr.


  1. Elisabeth, I feel your panic. I have my first Jewelry Open House this coming weekend and I am stressed. At least you can see some of your desk top, mine is much worse I am running out of time UGH!

  2. Haha - My work surfaces look the same! And add to that the surrounding floor. It's quite scary. I love your new chair and only say take a deep breath, enjoy your process, and you WILL finish by the 22nd. :)

  3. Every surface in my studio is completely covered! Your's are looking way better than mine. I'm only working on one gift, fortunately.


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