I talk about my family, what we are doing, and stuff I am making.  For reasons even I can't explain, I thought you needed to know 10 things I haven't ever written about before...

1.  I am an oldest child married to an oldest child.  It's supposed to make for a disastrous marriage, but it works for us - we'll be married for 16 years this December.

2.  Reality TV...yep, it's my brain candy.  But I'm not a Survivor/Big Brother fan - I am more an American Idol, Top Chef and (naturally) Project Runway kinda gal.  And I am addicted to the episode recaps on EW.com.

3.  Since I started my current job I've changed offices 5 times.  Am I a problem employee?  Nope, just a bureaucracy's attempt to be "efficient."

4.  I am a horrible speller...just horrible.  I don't even have the right instinct on how to start the word right in the first place.  My poor son has inherited this trait.  Spell check will soon help, my friend, I promise.

5.  I can tell you random facts about celebrities but can never recall my license plate number.  If only I could spend all my brain cells on useful information - think how smart I could be :-)

6.  I'm a total sucker for romance - movies and books.  I can watch and read Pride and Prejudice over and over.  I just heard about a new Austin-esque book, Death Comes to Pemberley that sounds awesome.  And you have to check out Mr Darcy Takes a Wife, a sequel that is awesome and not prim at all - hubba hubba!

7.  Christmas trees must be fresh cut! Must! We go to a farm out towards Shenandoah here to cut it down ourselves, but you should have seen some of the crispy critters we bought when we lived in Texas.  When you are wearing shorts while shopping for a fresh cut tree, "fresh" is relative.

8.  How did I marry someone who does not like guacamole?  Good thing I like to have people over so I can make up a fresh batch from time to time.

9.  My grandmother was an incredible seamstress - she grew up very poor in a family with 8 kids - remaking hand me downs was the only way for her to have "new" clothes.  She taught me a lot of what I know and we made some things together before she passed away.  I don't make clothes, but hems, patch applying, and other projects sure are easier thanks to her.

10.  I worked at an Ace Hardware the summers between college.  While I was assigned usual girl duties (cashier and nursery attendant) I sure learned a lot about everything else you might find at a hardware store.  Another experience I sure appreciate more than I did at the time.

So what's something you have never shared on your blog?  I would love to get to know you better!  Have a great weekend!


  1. thanks for sharing these fun facts.
    as for me..one of the things few know, i love hardware stores..Luv them.

  2. I eat chocolate every day.
    Require coffee every morning.
    Am a total geek (um, wait, I think people already know about that one).


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