It's amazing to me how paths cross and how they make your life richer. In March of 2008 I was deployed to Iraq, and one of the folks I got to know was Brian. He's a tall guy so he was hard to miss, and he liked to have fun in the odd way you do when you are deployed. Turns out he was assigned as a young guy to the same base with a really good friend on mine, and we all got together when he and his wife were visiting DC.  Angela is a hoot, and we seem to have similar lifestyles - working mom + athletic daughter(s). Long story longer, Angela contacted me to say she had some pearls from Brian's grandmother, and had two sets of earrings made for her two eldest daughters. Now the third daughter is ready for a set of earrings and her earring making friend moved away...which means she asked me to fill in.  Yay! Angela also sent an orphan earring that she wanted me to use with the balance of the pearls in something she could wear. I asked her to send me one of the original pairs of earrings so that I wouldn't be too far off, here's what they looked like:

Turns out Michael's is having a sale on it's sterling silver components this week (40% off!) and I found all the supplies I needed plus some really cool earring wires.  Here are the earrings I made:

I took the orphan earring and put it on a bail, then strung it on a silver chain I also got at Michael's, adding the remaining pearls and some crystals as dangles:

There were just enough left to make a second set of earrings for Angela:

It was fun to put together, partly because I like helping people preserve memories, partly because the crazy Virginia weather gave us a free day home to play, and partly because taking macro pictures of crystals and pearls was a new challenge. Thanks Angela!

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  1. Totally awesome, Elisabeth! Man, this is so fine! I love the whole history and how filled w/ memories. They are truly precious pieces of jewelry!

  2. That is a great story Elisabeth. Now Angela and her daughters all have a piece of the pearls that belonged to Brian's Grandmother. Your creations with the pearls are very pretty.

  3. beautiful pieces.....looks like you made out well with the sale....

  4. Beautiful creations...Angela's daughter will love them...and the necklace. How lovely all sister have something that is so special. Your earring photos are lovely against the pale lavender.

  5. What a wonderful way for everyone to have a keepsake. The photos are beautiful!

  6. Oh my goodness! Stunning doesn't even describe the pieces that you made! Thank you so very much for taking on this project. I am so grateful that our paths crossed. Your talant is amazing!

  7. So pretty! I'm sure they will be very much loved :)


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