I have a lot crammed onto my messy table, to include a give away - so keep reading all the way to the end!

I seem to be on a bit of a shopping binge, to get my bead money just call yourself StudioJuls and tell me you have a coupon code because you are destashing.  Fish, caught.  But she had some pretty awesome stuff, to include this vintage button I HAD TO HAVE.  Because it says Aunt Lornel to me, a sleek, Anna Wintour looking gal that has all of her style but is a gazillion times nicer (sorry Anna, but that's what they are sayin') who only wears black accented with gold.  I already ordered some luscious black Czech glass beads and matte antique gold seed beads to make a beautiful multi-strand collar.  I hope it looks as great for real as it does right now in my head.

Next to that is a pair of earrings that I need to copy with the pearls in the bag behind it.  My friend Angela saved the pearls from her husband's grandmother's necklace and had earrings made for her two oldest daughters, and now needs a pair for her youngest.  I looooooove projects like this.  She wants the rest of the pearls and an earring made into something she can wear.  What fun!

Now for the giveaway...Lori of Bead Soup/Pretty Things fame is putting on a virtual craft fair - 70 artists over 7 days and 70 giveaways!

Here is what I'll be giving away over on Lori's blog, sometime between November 26th and December 3rd.  Plus I will be having a massive sale in my shop - time to sweep it clean!  I'm thinking maybe 30%???  I'll keep you posted on details.

So the little bit of bead table doesn't in the first picture look so bad, but take a look at the rest.  Out of Hand!  If only I didn't need to sleep I could get alllllllll of my intended projects done!


  1. Oooh, that button is so fabulous! Cannot wait to see the finished piece! And I love the earrings, so beautiful and feminine! And... my bead table looks like yours but smaller... and stuff stacked on the floor... and higher... and oh heavens I really should clean it. LOL

  2. your beading table looks like most other beading tables........clutter and creativity go hand and hand, it seems!

  3. Oh yeah. That looks a lot like me. And sleep? I don't get nearly enough (does 4-5 hours sound about right?) and yet it still never gets done. There is always something waiting to bubble to the surface and threaten to drown me once again.
    Enjoy the day!

  4. It's funny, my hubs would definitely say "messy". I would say, "wow! look at all that creativity going on!" It's exciting to me to see other people's bead tables, to see the colors, types of stones and beads and fiber, oh my! Ok, need to go splash some water. :)

  5. I think it looks awesome. It looks like a place I'd like to go to just to play! But I know for myself if the clutter gets out of hand, I can no longer play because it drives me crazy. This doesn't look THAT bad!

  6. So love your desk and it's wrap around capabilities! Looks fantastic!


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