Meet Layla.  We adopted her last October from the Lab Rescue of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac after we lost our 12 year old lab (and practice child) Sophie.

She looks cute - and dials it up higher when she knows she has chewed something she wasn't supposed to.  It doesn't happen very often (the chewing indiscriminately thing) but when she does, she's like a sailor on a back-from-deployment bender.  One of her victims recently was a pair of binoculars that belonged to one of the kids.  How this could possibly be considered tasty, I don't know, but one of the lenses was missed in the post-chew-fest clean up, and eventually I snagged it to see where some beady creativity would take me.

I used rose gold copper Parawire (plus some glue for extra security) and then grabbed some smooth green stone nuggets and my addictive Coiling Gizmo and went to work.  I am short on ready made clasps, so made a simple loop and hook clasp from the same wire. 

I hope the end of your week is enjoyable.  We are going to get our tree on Saturday and I can't wait to get it decorated!

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  1. Layla is a sweetie. We lost one of our pups this year at age 12 as well.
    Elisabeth, I really like your new bracelet! I like what you are doing with wire and can appreciate the time it took to create this one!
    Have fun with the tree. We just might get ours this weekend too...if we can get out from under the boxes and mess around here!


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