1.  Washington DC = painful daily commutes.  You would think by now I would be used to it.  My latest savior?  Audible.com and podcasts downloaded from iTunes.  As I have mentioned before, I am great at buying non-fiction, but not good at actually reading it.  Same goes for Audible.com books and podcasts, but rather than listen to last weeks Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, again, I turned on some podcasts by Internet Business Mastery.  Two guys, Jay and Sterling, talk through their ideas for starting and running an internet business, and they have hooked me.  Why?  Because their mission is to help you develop your business so that you can be your own boss, have flexible hours, and spend your time the way you want to.  Their podcasts on valuing your time and how to keep from being overwhelmed with information have been great.

2.  Beads, Baubles and Jewels - yep, I am a little behind the pack in discovering this gem (ha ha!).  Have I mentioned my CFO/husband is also a technophile?  He just installed a new TV in the kitchen that is networked to the DVR, and I found that BB and J (older episodes) are being broadcast by the Annapolis PBS station.  Way better for my brain than the latest Housewives train wreck :-).

3.  You gotta check out the blog of my friend Pam, called Treasures.  Although she just started her blog, she told me the other night that she took her first beading class 11 years ago.  Wanna know how we met?  Our husbands worked together, and were on a trip to Estonia.  While figuring out what to go do for the day, Pam's husband said that he had a list from his wife on what to buy, and in Estonia he had to go find amber beads.  Greg tagged along, and I was the happy beneficiary of an amber pendant and a string of yellow amber beads thanks to Pam's husband.  We took Deryn Metock's Link Love class together at ArtBliss and had a blast!

4.  The latest Margie and Me is deeelish.  Check out the whole post here, but take a look at the inspiration:

The BFBG holiday sales blitz ends tomorrow night with my first ever tunk show, so maybe, just maybe, I'll get something fantabulous put together, in time enough to take great pictures and post by next weekend.


  1. Awesome random thoughts! I can't wait to see you Margie and me piece and Oh I checked out Pam and I look forward to seeing her work too!

  2. Hey, I'm not that far from you if you're commuting in DC!

  3. I love podcasts and will certainly check that one out.
    Great post.


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