1. Oh sorry I have no stringing suggestions but I will say that it looks like fun to wear!


  2. I saw this post the other morning, but it was 5 AM and no time to respond. I spend hours stringing and restringing pieces I have pictured in my mind, but cannot get to behave properly in real life. Have you tried using a braided beading thread like Fireline or Wildfire, maybe in 6lb. or 10 lb.? It is a little softer and more flexible. You could also make the cube components on wire and hang them from chain or ribbon as the base. Or, if you want to retain the seed beads in the design, you could string the whole piece on beading wire down to the bead at the bottom of each large cube. There you would string a small jump in the loop. Then, attach the drops to the jump ring with wire. Each drop would hang freely. If the cubes are going all boggly, try stringing the red seed beads on beading wire and making a loop of seeds at each spot where you will hang a cube component. Make the cube and its drop bead a single unit from wire. Then attach those to the band of seed beads like charms.


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