My husband has been friends with his buddy Andy since high school.  Andy is now married to a very nice gal Sandy (they will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary next year), and they were the first people Greg introduced me to after his parents and his brother.  I am sure that if I hadn't gotten along with Andy and Sandy, Greg would have still hung out with me, but their approval certainly helped my case.  What's been great is that over the 15 years since I first met them, we've kept in touch and taken some great trips together.  They are Emma's godparents and we are their son's godparents.  While Greg and I have wandered hither and yond,  Andy and Sandy have settled in the Seattle area, and we always enjoy going to see them - like we did just last week.

I wanted to take a little something to Sandy as a thank you for hosting and because, what female haven't I given some jewelry?  Sandy is petite, and frankly, I am not sure what kind of jewelry she wears to work and for dress up.  When we are together we tend to be traveling with small kids so fashion takes a back seat.  Sometime I will have to post about our trip together to Italy with 3 kids who had a combined age of less than 5. 

So not to be too obvious about the usual weather in Seattle, I made this necklace.  Greg isn't a huge fan, because he wants everything to be laid out evenly and symmetrically, but I like the jumble of the three different strands of beads.

I fussed, and fussed, and fussed with the earrings - tried to make them exactly alike - but then Greg said a:  he couldn't tell a difference between the two and b: I was getting, there's that word again, obsessive. 


  1. It all turned out beautifully. My boyfriend likes things even too! Not too big on necklaces that I make that are off-centered.

  2. I think it's gorgeous! Simply elegant but also casual...and very Northwest! I'm so glad you had such a great trip!!

  3. Love the necklace - such a clean design and pretty colors!


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