I've spent the last two days "cleaning my studio" which really meant I made a bunch of stuff because that's easier than figuring out where to put it all :-)  I have a great space in my house to be creative but often weeks and months go by without me doing anything - it's much better to have a deadline - so I plan to participate in as many ABS Challenges as possible this year.  I loved January's inspiration - oranges and greens and yellows make me happy.

Field of Flowers
Egon Schiele

Since I was "cleaning," I dug around my crazy big inventory of beads, and found a tin of beads I had enameled during a Barbara Lewis Painting with Fire class.  The orange was perfect.  Then I dug out some lamp work glass disks that I made in yellow with a little wrap of orange, and two funky green and silver beads bought on a trip to Paris, and some other tiny lamp work beads floating around my workspace. With the green glass beads finishing the necklace, it felt a bit heavy, so I added a silver component on one side to lighten things up.  I love how it came together!

You can see all the January (and previous month's entries) on Pinterest.

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