I am excited to announce that I am this week's Crafty Superstar over at Cut Out + Keep!  For the next few days I will share here they tutorials I wrote for them.  I haven't written a lot of tutorials so I was super excited to take up the challenge.  Enjoy!

I love beads of all shapes and sizes, but sometimes the prettiest parts are hidden if you string them in the traditional way.  I didn’t want to hide the beautiful colors of the seed bead disks from Sue Kennedy.  These large loop wire earrings solve that problem!

For supplies you’ll need a pair of disk shaped beads, and two lengths of wire.  More is better, but I would go with at least 6 inches for the single bead style and 8 inches for the two bead style.  I highly recommend copper based wire from Parawire which is beautiful, comes in a zillion colors and is very affordable.  The orange beads are my own creation, the ethereal blue/purple beads are from HMB Studios.

For the single bead style, using chain nose pliers, bend the wire 90 degrees in the middle.  

Use wrap and tap pliers (or a sharpie) to bend one side into a large loop.  It should be large enough for the bead to rotate freely.

String the bead onto the wire and position in your loop.  

Using chain nose pliers to grip the loop right below where the wires cross, wrap the horizontal wire around the vertical wire 2-3 times.

Trim the excess of the wrapped wire, and then bend the vertical wire 90 degrees.  

Use the wrap and tap pliers or your sharpie to form a similarly sized loop, so it looks like a figure 8.

Trim the excess wire, a little past were the circle meets.  

Then use chain nose pliers to bend the end out a little.  I find this makes getting the earrings into your ear easier.

Using a chasing hammer and bench block to gently flatten the top/ear part of the earring – this will harden it.  Take care not to hammer your bead!  

You can also gently file the end to smooth it out and make it more comfortable to put in your ear J

The two bead version starts the same way, only start with a little more wire and make your bend at about the 1/3 mark.  Use the 2/3 side to make your loop, and wrap it 1 or 2 times after putting your bead on the loop.  

Then put our accent bead on the short/vertical wire. 

Pull the horizontal wire up and around the accent bead, and then wrap around the vertical wire 2 to 3 times.  The wired wrapped around your accent bead doesn’t need to be too tight.  

Trim off the excess and bend the vertical wire 90 degrees with your chain nose pliers.

Finish the earring as you did the other style by forming the second loop, trimming excess wire, hammering and filing.


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