I don't know why, but settling down and getting creative has been tough for me for the last little while.  I am doing better at writing as a creative outlet because a laptop or a phone always seems to be connected to my fingers!  But getting into the studio, not so much.

Finally the other day I had some free time, and in the course of cleaning up (it seems to be where I always start) some new creations came together.  The first is a long copper necklace - the chain was in the box of goodies from my mother-in-law.  The twisted copper soldiered loop I made myself.  I had wanted it to be a ring, but a few taps to harden it after soldiering made it way too big.  Who knew how fast wire could stretch?  I added a sweet Czech glass flower, and a small crystal on the hand made bail.

I am really excited about this one - it include a fabulous pendent made by the amazing Jenny Davies-Razor.  Her work is incredible, isn't it?  I couldn't decide if it should be long or short, so I made something that could go either way.  Shorter with the chain doubled, or longer if the chain is stretched into a single strand.

Then I got REALLY crazy and turned on the torch.  In my bin of ignored mandrels I found one of my puffy mandrels and gave it a try. The big blue and clear one is hollow! So excited.  Ignore the tiny, tiny hole on the one side. Just means I need to practice more. That's what I really want to make - incredible, huge, hollow beads.  

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