I was straightening out the top of my dresser the other day, where I keep all my personal jewelry.  Usually it becomes a big messy pile until I spend a few minutes and reorganize.  As I straightened, it occurred to me that all my jewelry had a story - whether it was something I made, bought or was given.  It was a bright, beautiful day, so I collected up a few pieces I thought had interesting stories and got some great shots.  My creative outlet lately has been writing, far more than making beads or jewelry, and rather than fight it, let's go with it, shall we? Every once in a while I will pull one of the pictures and tell you the story.

I wish I could tell you who made this bead, because it is a stunner.  I bought it the every first time I went to Bead Fest Philly - maybe 2010?  It was $65, a shocking price to me at the time, although now that I have tried to make my own hollow glass beads I know that $65 was a steal. This one is about the size of a golf ball, and it's colors and design are something I would love to be able to do myself some day.

My first design was this:

But I didn't wear it very much because the chain really needed to be longer for such a large bead. It ended up wearing like a chocker which is not my favorite.  Eventually I redid it, and now it's on a much longer chain and way more wearable. I still look at it in wonder, and hope I could be skilled enough to make something like it.  And it also reminds me of that first trip to Bead Fest, and the great friends and connections I made there :-)

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