My mother in law was going through her mother's jewelry and sent me some treasures.  Mostly broken pieces that I can reuse in other projects (which I love) but tucked in the box were two pieces that caught my attention:

The earrings are in excellent condition and are lovely - they will go right in to my own jewelry collection.  They remind me of Mary so much.  She spent most of her adult life in Carson City, Nevada and worked as a proof reader for the state legislature.  She wasn't one to dress "western" but she did always have beautiful western silver jewelry - sometimes a ring, or a pretty watchband.  I will cherish these.

The second item caught my eye for a number of reasons.  The first was because I remember my own grandmother collecting charms from travels.  The second was the location - the San Diego Zoo. What a great place! And the third was the price - $4.50 for sterling silver! Can you imagine the price now?  I would guess that this charm had to have been purchased at least 30 years ago. It definitely needs to be part of some new piece of jewelry and "freed" from its cardboard confines :-)

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