Man! Has it really been nearly 6 weeks since I last posted here?  Sorry about that.  I've had a "real job" change which should give me more time for creative endeavors.  Lately that's been writing over at my other blog, Gals in Blue.  But hopefully as I settle into my new schedule there will be more time spent in the studio - like night before last....

Long ago, I purchased some black art deco links from MyELEMENTS.  Yvonne sells awesomely colorful components - and occasionally has "studio sweeps" that are crazy good deals.  Normally it's a mixed bag, but this sweep was a bag of these cool black links.  Looking back at the listing, the measuring tape is pretty prominent, but did I look closely at that important info when I hit "buy"?  No!

So in my mind I pictured links about this size:

When actually they are this size:

Hmmmm...what to do, what to do.  The bag o'links kicked around my studio for a while until finally an idea germinated.  I've been playing with chain mail a lot lately so had a ton of bright jump rings left over to play with.  Merely linking the links together didn't seem all that exciting, so on each jump ring I put 8 smaller jump rings.  They add some super subtle movement and sparkle, while still being very work appropriate.  And since the links are plastic it makes a big statement without weighing me down.

One other thing I didn't pay attention to?  The number of links - there are about 340!  If you would like some drop me a line and we can make a swap of some kind :-)

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