We've had tons of snow here and the kids have had a week and a half off of school. By Friday it was clear that we all needed to get out of the house, and it actually was a pretty nice day.  We headed downtown to the Renwick Gallery, which had just reopened after a 2 year renovation with a really amazing exhibition called WONDER.  

All my mixed media artist friends MUST GO SEE THIS.  It was so cool!  

This installation was a recreation of the heat bloom from the Japanese typhoon/nuclear plant mess a couple years ago.  The lighting changed frequently making the entire dispose change to completely different colors.

This sculpture was made entirely of old tires (and teenagers).

This sculpture was all clear marbles and depicted the Chesapeake Bay and the rivers that form it.

This sculpture was made using a casting of an actual tree. It was made out of tiny blocks of wood and suspended from the ceiling.

This sculpture was made entirely of stacked cards.  Looks like glaciers, doesn't it?

This rainbow was made with hundreds of threads.  Both my camera and our eyes had a hard time adjusting - the colors were so powerful.

This was my favorite one - all made from twisted twigs.  You could not see any kind of glue or fasteners keeping it together.  They all looked plucked straight out of the woods already formed.

The Renwick is part of the Smithsonian, which means entrance is free.  Parts of the exhibit close in May and parts close in July - so there is still plenty of time to visit.  And the historic gallery is nearly across the street from the White House which provides more great photo ops :-)

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